Curious Community Labs (CCL) is an association dedicated to sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas and experiences around life sciences and bioeconomy. Founded in late 2020, CCL is composed of members from various sectors such as business, education, science and research.

CCL strives to promote sustainable development and raise awareness for a circular and bio-based economy. To this end, the association organizes various events and projects, as well as an open biology lab in Hamburg's Oberhafen near the main train station.

CCL is open to everyone, whether expert, innovator, activist or interested person. In our lab, participants can explore the world of microorganisms, analyze the quality of air, water and soil, explore alternative methods for food production, bio-value materials and software and prototype development, among other things.

CCL offers a wide range of educational opportunities for youth and adults, and supports the implementation of projects through knowledge, materials, and experimental fields. In addition, we network all those who are committed to protecting our environment.

August 2024

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